A unique checking parametric partnered with a strong apprentice program has made Tinker Steel Detailing a reliable steel detailing provider since 2015.


The steel detailing industry is vital to the growth of the American infrastructure. Successful steel detailing involves architectural and structural engineering, partnered with a strong understanding of design intent; combined, this information produces clear, accurate details for steelwork fabrication. Tinker Steel Detailing is committed to providing quality steel detailing from project start to finish, using Design Data’s SDS/2 3-D Modeling Software.

Tinker Steel Detailing’s objective is to create reliable three-dimensional structural steel models while providing opportunities for talented, motivated individuals to grow and learn from the company’s high standards for accuracy and speed. By providing unique systems and processes, the company will minimize fabrication time, minimize erection time, reduce engineering time, and maximize our partners' profits. 

The structural steel industry fabricated and erected framing for more than 8,000 buildings and bridges and accounted for more than 10 billion dollars in revenue in 2011, according to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Strong industry potential, partnered with Tinker Steel Detailing’s pre-existing industry relations and plans to grow a new group of talented professionals, will help sustain an aging industry.

Tinker Steel Detailing’s unique training program for new detailers will enable them to perform daily tasks with a high level of accuracy and speed, and in turn, maximize profits.



Checking Parametric

The current checking standard for the steel detailing industry is a limited process that often requires re-work. In Tinker Steel Detailing's checking model, two people (a modeler and checker) verify work completed to ensure accuracy. This unique process increases quality and productivity.